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Charles W. Goodyear House / Oracle Charter School
888 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, New York
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Interior - Great Room

Interior - Dining room and library

Interior - Miscellany 1

Interior - Miscellany 2



Ella Portia Conger Goodyear

Martin Wachadlo, Ella Goodyear and Her Children

A. Conger Goodyear

Cheryl McDonald, Fanny Goodyear, The Buffalo Princess

1941 Newspaper article: Alterations to be few; Panels kept

1952 Newspaper article:
Girls Study in a Home Royalty Visited

Leaders of the Pan-American Exposition Buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery - Charles W. Goodyear

The Buffalo and Susquehanna Iron Co

The Pan Am's Who's Who: Board of Directors: Charles W. Goodyear

Buffalo Doubles': Industrial Vernacular Style Alludes to the Goodyear brothers

Frank H. Goodyear - Table of Contents Frank was Charles's brother

See also:
Bogalusa Story by C. W. Goodyear (Charles' grandson). E-text of a 1950 book that includes photos and text about the Goodyear brothers and their investment in Louisiana forests and the town of Bogalusa in 1906

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