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Examples of plaster systems and GFRC for architectural sculpture and restoration at Buffalo Plastering & Architectural Casting
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Buffalo Plastering fabricates columns, cornices, domes, architectural and religious sculpture in both interior and exterior materials that replicate terra cotta, limestone, marble, or travertine.

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Plaster systems examples

GFRC examples

Plaster systems examples
A plaster system is plaster reinforced with materials like polymers, burlap, fiberglass, or even horsehair,
and used for interior architectural sculpture and restoration.

Poster.  Pictured is the auditorium dome at Shea's.

Poster. Pictured are two ceilings at the Hotel Lafayette

Cast travertine fireplace and other cast pieces, all made from plaster systems.
Fireplace: Scrolling acanthus leaves and rosettes frieze.
Fireplace: Paired ancones feature front acanthus leaves.

A different cast travertine fireplace frieze detail

Baroque style fireplace  and Neoclassical style urn
The fireplace is made from plaster reinforced with marble dust which makes the cast piece very hard.

Medallions, made from plaster reinforced with fiberglass, destined for the Hotel Lafayette

Cast terra cotta  lion's head medallion
Will be used for ornamentation on Statler City koi pond.

Chandelier section (upside down).
Four destined for Babeville.

Modified plaster dome. Recessed diminishing diamonds with inlaid flowers.  Client in NYC.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

For exterior pieces, Buffalo Plastering  & Architectural Casting uses glass fiber reinforced concrete - GFRC - a weatherproof material.

GFRC  is a thin shell cast material making it lightweight.  The addition of cast glass fibers [material made from extremely fine fibers of glass] acting as reinforcement creates durability without requiring embedded steel.

The lightness of GFRC also makes it an efficient and cost effective material to install. Where many similar products require massive additional structuring to hold their weight, this lightweight product can often be supported with only the existing studs and framing in place.

Cast travertine

Top molding: ribbon-and-reed
Bottom: Egg-and-dart over bead-and-reel

Left: Roman (smooth shaft) Ionic column from GFRC with faux finished marble.
Right: Exterior panel made from GFRC (g
lass fiber reinforced concrete).
Panel detail in next illustration:

Bell flowers ..... Ribbon ..... Bead-and-reel at bottom

Long GFRC panel: duplicate guilloche used on Webb Building
Short GFRC panel: Acanthus leaves above egg-and-dart

Griffins and acanthus leaves

Left panel on ground detailed in photo below.

Upper right pediment: Center cartouche
with C scroll sides and centered letter M  flanked by scrolling acanthus leaves.

Corinthian capital (see next illustration below)

Panel: Oval medallion flanked by ribbon and garland, in turn flanked by griffins.

Corinthian capital model. The white sections are replacements.

Urn over grotesque in center of cast panel.

Paired putto/ acanthus leaf  grotesques: "... this insatiable desire of man sometimes prefers to an ordinary building, with its pillars and doors, one falsely constructed in grotesque style, with pillars formed of children growing out of stalks of flowers, with architraves and cornices of branches of myrtle and doorways of reeds and other things, all seeming impossible and contrary to reason, yet yet it may be really great work if it is performed by a skillful artist." - Francisco de Holanda, in his third dialog of Da Pintura Antiga, 1548.
Cf., winged goddesses formed out of acanthus leaves in Empress Josephine's Great Salon

Client in NYC.

Neoclassical Doric style: Triglyphs and guttae ..... Round medallions in metopes

Client in NYC.

Group of GFRC Columns

A.............. B.................... C .................... D .................E
A: Tuscan column
B: Ionic column
C: Modified Corinthian column
D: Ionic capital on short, square base
E: Ionic pilaster, including   bellflower wreath and bead-and-reel beneath Ionic capital

C: GFRC detail, Ionic column

D: GFRC Ionic capital on short, square base

E: GFRC Ionic pilaster, including bellflower wreath and bead-and-reel beneath Ionic capital

Replicated wood carriage and GFRC  barrel which is on the table behind the carriage. See next photo:

5' 6" in. long. barrel.

Examples on Buffalo Architecture and History Website:

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