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2009 photos - Thomas J. McKinney House
35 Lincoln Parkway, Buffalo, NY




Esenwein and Johnson


Renaissance Revival


Other Lincoln Parkway Homes

Photos taken on April 30, 2009

Extensive rehabilitation taking place

Renaissance Revival style

Roman Ionic columns

Wrought iron

C scrolls and S scrolls

GFRC ...... S scroll

Wrought iron fence features Flemish S scroll

 Patinated brass(?) canopy with wrought iron supports

  GFRC reproduction finials  by Buffalo Plastering

Excerpt from
Classic Buffalo: A Heritage of Distinguished Architecture
By Richard O. Reisem
Reprinted with permission.

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Excerpts - Classic Buffalo: A Heritage of Distinguished Architecture

Thomas J. McKinney inherited a fortune in oil and spent much of it on this incredible house. To build this Renaissance villa, he spent $1million, which translates to over $10 million today (1999). After his enormous investment, Mr. and Mrs. McKinney lived in the house only four years before being killed in an automobile accident in Orlando, Florida in 1933.

At his Lincoln Parkway address, there was garage space for the four Rolls-Royce automobiles that McKinney owned.

The house is constructed of Roman brick over poured concrete walls. Today, it is considered to contain some of the foremost wood carving in the United States, possibly exceeded only by Mrs. Horace Dodge's house in Detroit. The woodwork contract alone -- executed by the firm of E. M. Hager and Sons, Buffalo wood specialists -- came to over $100,000, which is equivalent to more than $1 million today (1999). A crew of 20 expert woodcarvers imported from Germany, Switzerland, and Italy worked two years to accomplish the prodigious effort utilizing rare woods from all over the world.

Special thanks to owners Clement Arrison for his cooperation and Karen Arrison for her patience and assistance in 2009

Photos taken on April 30, 2009 by Chuck LaChiusa
Photos 2009 Clement and Karen Arrison
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