McKinney House - Table of Contents

2011 - Reception hall woodwork and window - Thomas J. McKinney House
35 Lincoln Parkway, Buffalo, NY

Renaissance Revival  style


Stained glass window by Nicola D'Ascenzo Studios

Note missing left window surround.  See next illustration:

The left window surround is being reconstructed by Buffalo Plastering & Architectural Casting
  from reinforced plaster.
See See Manufacturing cast stone at
Buffalo Plastering & Architectural Casting   and also Examples of cast stone at Buffalo Plastering & Architectural Casting

Arabesque design

Renaissance Revival style enameled stained glass window: oval medallion scene surrounded by arabesque design.

Special thanks to owners Clement Arrison for his cooperation and Karen Arrison for her patience and assistance in 2011

Photos taken on 2011 by Chuck LaChiusa
Photos 2011Clement and Karen Arrison
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