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1. Round wall or structure that supports a dome

2. One of the cylinders of stone that forms the shaft of  a column

Column shaft:  The main advantage of using column sections as opposed to a single monolithic column is that it was easier to transport them from the quarry to the temple site. The sections could even be rolled.

Column shaft:  The hole in the center is for a wood or metal rod that stabilized the column sections.


Temple of Concordia site, Agrigento, Sicily
Photo 2002 Chuck LaChiusa

"Whilst some stone columns were carved in one piece, as [Greek] buildings became bigger, columns began to be constructed from separate drums. These were individually carved and fitted together using a wooden dowel or metal peg in the centre of the drum.

"Columns made from individual drums are remarkably resistant to seismic activity. ...  Despite this advantage though, the Romans preferred single monolithic shafts for their columns."
- Ancient Hisotry Encyclopedia: Column   (online March 2020)

Examples from Buffalo architecture:

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Photos and their arrangement 2002, 2008 Chuck LaChiusa
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