St. Stephen's / Elk Tree - Table of Contents

INTERIOR - St. Stephen RC Church /Elk Tree Gardens & Castle
193 Elk Street, Buffalo, New York

October 31, 2020 Photos

Center entrance roundel   ...   Photo taken in the narthex       ...    Opalescent stained glass sunburst cross   ...   Cf., monstrance below


Nave Gothic ceiling    ...    Semi-dome in apse includes stained glass windows   ...    Blind arches 

4-paneled ribbed vault   ...   Clerestory windows

Nave geometric
stained glass windows     ...   Top roundel depicts a mother pelican and chicks

Transept Stained Glass Windows

Transept   ...  
St. Stephen Before the Sanhedrin  ...    Four window details below:

Detail #1 - Rose window above three vertical panels


St. Stephen Before the Sanhedrin   ...   The Sanhedrin was the supreme rabbinic court in Jerusalem   ...   Stephen is depicted as  young, beardless and tonsured, wearing a deacon's vestments   

Opposite transept window   ...  
 St. Stephen being stoned to death   ...   The first Christian martyr, he was condemned for committing blasphemy against the Jewish Temple, and was stoned to death circa the year 36, a few years after the death of Christ.

St. Clare holding a monstrance with a cross and sunburst design

Halo indicates this is a saint   ...   Note patriarchal cross

Halo indicates this is a saint   ...   Mitre and crosier indicate he is a bishop

Special thanks to owner Brian Wantuch for his cooperation in 2020

Photos and their arrangement 2020 Chuck LaChiusa
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