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Saltier / Saltire

Webster's Dictionary

In the 1957 Second Edition of Webster's New International Unabridged Dictionary, there is only one pronunciation given, the equivalent of: SALE tere; rhymes with here. There is a heraldry definition, but no definition that references furniture usage. Both spellings - saltier and saltire - are given.

American Heritage Dictionary

In the 1992 Third edition of the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, the following is found (Note that there is only one spelling given):

Saltire cross (St. Andrew's cross): Lines run diagonally; a cross rotated by 45 degrees. Called St. Andrew's cross because Saint Andrew is believed to have suffered a martyr's death on such a cross,

The saltier is part of the Episcopal shield and flag. See also: Short history of the beginnings of the Episcopal Church in America


An alternate name for an X stretcher

The term is frequently found in books about furniture, but the only spelling used is saltier.

Examples from Buffalo:

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