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Larkin U Building
239 Van Rensselaer Street, Buffalo, NY

Larkin U Building - Official Web Site  (online October 2020)

1893 for industrial scrap recycler D. Ullman Sons
Romanesque Revival Commercial style
Historic owners:
  • 1893 - Originally occupied by D. Ullman Sons Recycling
  • 1911 - Larkin Company factory building “U” for 29 years, complete with a bowling alley in the basement for use by members of the Larkin Men’s Club
  • McDonald Products, Inventor of the famous Bean Bag ashtray which at one time sold over 1 million units per year
  • Par Foam Products factory, manufacturer of automotive parts
  • 2011 - Larkin Development Co.
2011 renovation by Larkin Development Group: "Removed years of red paint from the exterior of the structure ... New roof during this construction season and new, appropriate replacement windows ... Cleared of all antiquated mechanical and electrical systems"  -  "The Hydraulics Press, July 2012"
2012 renovation funding: LISC invests New Markets capital to redevelop historic Larkin District warehouse for First Niagara Bank offices
State and National Register of Historic Places:

Left: Larkin Square
Far right:
Larkin @Exchange building and parking ramp

Looking north toward Seneca Street.
Note trash at right of building (next photo below)

Center 3 bays

Top: two brick corbel tables ... Triple rows of voussoirs over fan light

Upper two stories, center 3 bays.
Romanesque Revival rounded arches ... Fan lights ... Rough cut stone sills and lintels  ... Paneled spandrel panel ... Pilasters

Rough cut stone sill and lintels  ...   Paneled spandrel panels

Two brick corbel tables ... Triple rows of voussoirs over fan light  ... Pilaster  at right

Main entrance at left (next photo below)

2003 photo of the south elevation ...  Background building at left is the "B, C...N, O" twelve buildings / Larkin Center of Commerce, 701 Seneca St.

Photos and their arrangement 2012 Chuck LaChiusa
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