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Spandrel panel / spandril panel

In a multistory building, a wall panel filling the space between the top of the window in one story and the sill of the window in the story above

Found in almost all styles of architecture

See also: Spandrel

Spindle spandrel 
Dr. Foster House   ...    Note decorative brackets at sides under the spindle spandrel
Fretwork spandrels

The origin of the word spandrel is uncertain. It originally referred specifically to the triangular area between an arch in an opening and its corner. Today, its definition has broadened to include elegant fretwork...

Fretwork spandrels are produced by carefully combining brackets and running trim to form a single unit. Some have a symmetrical center scroll design to enhance their effect.

Spandrels may also be attached to ceilings or ceiling beams as a visual partition separating two living areas which are not separated by walls. In homes where kitchens and dining areas are separated by a counter only, a spandrel may be placed directly above the counter to produce a visually pleasing separation between the two areas.
- Empire Wood Works: Victoriana Gingerbread Spandrels (online Dec. 2017)

Examples from Buffalo architecture:

Photos and their arrangement 2003 Chuck LaChiusa
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