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Galleries and Choir Loft - First Presbyterian Church
One Symphony Circle, Buffalo, NY

The stained glass window is an excellent example of Louis Comfort Tiffany's use of color and favrille glass to create a mosaic effect. Another description of the glass is opalescent, which Tiffany and John LaFarge developed while working in close-by studios.  The use of many nuggets  and jewels is especially effective .  The rich combination of blue, deep red, yellow, and gold, is particularly beautiful in the late afternoon. 

Tiffany's signature can be seen in the bottom right hand comer of the second lancet from the right.

The window was erected in 1925.

Galleries and Choir Loft

Faux painting for a Byzantine Revival setting   ...   Note guilloche in upper left   ...    The guilloche extends across the nave on the ceiling to the opposite gallery   ...   Three details below:

Detail #1 -
Soffit design: Greek cross (at top) symbolizing the suffering Christ crowned with the promise of the resurrection

Detail #2

Detail #3 - Soffit design: peacock symbolizes hope of eternal life

Byzantine Revival ornamentation   ...   Foliated plaster capital   ...   Faux painted column shaft


Special thanks to Dr. David Bond, Business Manager, Choirmaster and Organist, for his cooperation and assistance
Photos and their arrangement 2018 Chuck LaChiusa
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