Wattles House - Table of Contents

Interior:  First floor - Gurdon Moses Wattles House
393 Richmond Avenue, Buffalo NY

Photos taken December 2019

In 1899, a few years after Louise's death in 1897, Gurdon married her sister, Mrs. Mary Kemptke. With the Pan-American Exposition coming in 1901, he wanted to build a grand home to entertain in. He brought in the finest woodworkers and European artisans to build his home. The home features an impressive foyer, and each of the first floor rooms were done in different woods with woodworkers brought on site to custom mill the woodwork. The signature piece is a hand carved griffin with a gingerbread surround.

Door in the vestibule leading to the foyer
Entryway / Foyer / Vestibule

Two details below:

Entryway door
Oak   ...   Corinthian column on pilaster at left   ...     ...    Dentil molding  ...   Leaf molding   ...   Egg-and dart molding

Entryway door:    Egg-and dart molding   ...   Scrolling acanthus leaves


Foyer alcove to the right of the front door   ...   Two details below:

Foyer alcove   ...   Paneled wainscoting   ...    Feather backs   ...     Turned legs    ...   Note window at right, which is detailed below:

Especially nice Queen Anne
leaded window with beveled glass, ripple glass, and jewels

Note carved griffin at lower right, shown below from a different angle

Steering wheel motif and griffin

Staircase curved window features leaded glass

Balustrade and newel post   ...   Three newel post details below:

Newel post :    Volutes supporting two bellflowers with flanking acanthus leaves

Top of newel post

Wainscoting   ...   Pocket door leading to the parlor/first parlor/sitting room

Floor register

Parlor/First parlor/Sitting room
Parlor/First parlor/Sitting room

Window surrounds details below:

....   Egg-and dart molding

Egg-and dart molding   ...   Corinthian pilasters   with fluted   shafts

Second parlor/Sitting room/Music room/Living room

Second parlor/Sitting room/Music room/Living room

Middle background:  Dining room

Leaded glass panel features beveled
leaded glass and jewels

Mantelpiece features marble surround and slip brick tiles on the hearth   ...   Three mantelpiece details below:

Mantelpiece:   Dentil molding on cornice   ...   Oval beveled mirror

MantelpieceAcanthus leaf buttress at top  ...   Dentil molding  ...   Engaged Corinthian column with smooth shaft   ...   Acanthus leaves   ...    Ionic capital

Mantelpiece:  Engaged Corinthian  column with acanthus leaf capital    ...   Fluting and acanthus leaf support   ...   Egg-and dart molding  ...   455 degree angled acanthus leaf with hanging bellflowers

Violin in case was found in a wall during restoration by current owners

Dining Room

Bay window features leaded glass windows   ...   Two details below:

Faux painted walls   ...   Paneled

Door surround details below:

Entablature   ...   Flanking Corinthian pilasters with fluted shaft

Slip brick tiles     ...  Three mantelpiece details below:

Dentil molding beneath mantel   ...   Mantelpiece frieze features strapwork at ends and applied scrolling acanthus leaves   ...    Jambs in the form of pilasters

Strapwork design on both mantel corner block and  on

Dentil molding beneath mantel   ...    ...   Scrolling acanthus leaves on frieze

Special thanks to owners Alice & Tom Eoannou for their cooperation in 2019
Photos and their arrangement 2019 Chuck LaChiusa
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