Our Lady of Perpetual Help – Table of Contents

EXTERIOR - Our Lady of Perpetual Help RC Church
115 O’Connell Street, Buffalo NY

Lansing & Beierl
Gothic Revival
Rectory architect:
Lansing & Beierl
Original street name:
Sandusky Street
Current street name:
Renamed O'Connell Street in honor of the founder and first pastor of the church, Father Richard C. O'Connell

May 27, 2022 Photos


"PETS":  With the advent of the school (1909), the parish became known affectionately as "Pets" to students and adults alike.

Note rectory at right, also designed by Lansing & Beierl

Photo taken before November 1955 when the louvered bell tower was removed   after being severely damaged in a windstorm

Gothic Revival style                   Medina sandstone                    West tower never completed                            Steeple above the louvered belfry was removed  in November 1955 after being severely damaged in a windstorm

Cross bottony  finial

Finial atop pinnacle

Voussoirs surround               Rose window

Louvered belfry

Main entrance                     Course (greenish color)                   Pointed Gothic  hoodmold                      Painted blue wooden tracery in tympanum                 Exterior Medina sandstone walls and stairs

Medina sandstone voussoirs surround                       Trefoil wooden tracery

Tower never completed because of lack of funds

East elevation

Tower, nave, and transept                  Note Our Lady of Perpetual Help  grotto in foreground                      Upper clearstory stained glass windows                     Lower arcade stained glass windows

Upper clearstory stained glass windows           Lower arcade stained glass windows                 Our Lady of Perpetual Help grotto

Arcade window with trefoil tracery

Transept features stained glass window              Detail below:

Our Lady of Perpetual Help grotto

South and east elevations         

Apse                  Transept

Clearstory stained glass windows in apse

Clearstory stained glass windows in apse


Architect:    Lansing & Beierl                  Note grotto at lower left of photo

Special thanks to Pastor Fr. Paul Seil for his cooperation and to Susan Travis for her assistance in 2022

Photos and their arrangement ©  2022 Chuck LaChiusa
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