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Hoodmold / Hoodmould
Also called drip lintel, hood molding, dripstone, label

A projecting molding above a door, window and archway to throw off rain

Label molding is a square-arched hoodmold

Lintel:  A supporting wood or stone beam across the top of an opening, such asthat of a window or door or fireplace

Label stop:  The termination of a hoodmold (arched dripstone) in which the lowerends are turned away from the opening horizontally

Corbel supports

Originated during the Romanesque period to protect carved moldings and to direct rainwater away from theopening.

It appears almost universally over exterior arches in the Gothic architecture of France, Germany, and Spain; and in England it was commonly used ininterior work, especially for nave arcades.

Found in Gothic Revival, Second Empire, Italianate, Tudor Revival styles

Examples from Buffalo architecture:

Other examples:

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