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EXTERIOR / MURAL /  BOX OFFICE - Riviera Theatre
57 Webster Street, North Tonawanda, NY



Original name:

Rivera Theatre ("rivera" is Spanish for "stream")

1930s name change:

Shea's Riviera

Original owners:

Henry Henschel (realtor) and Max Yellen (financier)


Leon H. Lempart and Son

Interior style:

Italian Renaissance


One of the last surviving 1920s movie palaces in New York State.


State and National Registers of Historic Places (1980)

2008 Photos, unless otherwise noted

Terra cotta (mixed with bits of marble top make them sparkle) mermaids with tails of acanthus leaves

Terra cotta cap and arrow           Soldier bricks

Terra cotta arches and keystones

The 3rd marquee since 1926 features about 600 bulbs

Tim Martin Mural - 2008 Photo

2008 photo               Mural by Tim Martin in 1997             Mural depicts Charlie Chaplin with a young Jackie Coogan, stars of the 1921 Chaplin classic, The Kid.           

:  The Riviera's prized Mighty Wurlitzer organ.  "In 1880, the company began manufacturing pianos and eventually relocated to North Tonawanda, New York. It quickly expanded to make band organs, orchestrations, player pianos and pipe or theatre organs popular in theatres during the days of silent movies." -
Wikipedia (online September 2021)

2021 revision below:

Tim Martin Mural  - 2021 Revison


August 4, 2021        Photo courtesy of Chuck Keith

August 4, 2021        Photo courtesy of Chuck Keith

August 4, 2021        Photo courtesy of Chuck Keith

August 8, 2021        Photo courtesy of Chuck Keith

August 28, 2021        Photo courtesy of Chuck Keith

Box Office

Italian Renaissance Revival style

Marble base

Wall sconce

Stained glass

Frieze: gold painted anthemia on blue background

Medallion   ...   Anthemia   ...   Acanthus leaves   ...   Crystal chandelier

Photos and their arrangement 2008 Chuck LaChiusa
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