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Edward Llewellyn Parker House
181 Morris Avenue, SW corner of Morris and Parker avenues
Buffalo, New York

Completed 1893 at a cost of $20,000 (See second October 3, 1892 Buffalo Courier article)

Color photos taken in October 2021

October 3, 1892 Buffalo Courier

East and north elevations
                        Tudor Revival with Queen Anne wrap-around portico                          Constructed in  1900

Garage at left (three details below:)                             East elevation

Garage                  Ribbon windows                 Upper gable roof                  Lower shed roof

Garage, second floor                  Ribbon windows with Arts & Crafts  muntin designs                       Wooden shingles


South elevation portico

South elevation portico                   Wooden Doric square columns                             Onondaga limestone

East elevation

Onondaga limestone chimneys

East elevation                         Oriel window, typically found in Tudor Revival style architecture

East elevation                           Tudor label molding with stops                      Leaded glass windows with lattice design below    

East elevation                          Crenelated bay

East elevation                   Crenelations                      Tudor label molding with stops

East elevation                   Crenelations

East elevation                     Queen Anne style  portico with square Tuscan columns

East elevation                     Square Tuscan columns

East elevation                    Lion head scupper

East elevation                  Tudor label molding with stops                             Stained glass fleur-de-lis motif   


North elevation                         Gable roof  on dormer                      Main roof is hipped style                 Tower roof is octagonal

elevation                         Tower  features lancet windows with hoodmolds  

Photos and their arrangement 2021 Chuck LaChiusa
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