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The Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Museum -  Table of Contents
263 Michigan Ave. at 201 Seneca St., Buffalo,New York
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Jim Sandoro in front of the Original 1908 Thomas Flyer New York to Paris Championship Car
June 3, 2023

Museum Group Displays

Gasoline Pumps


Women's Autos  Fashions

Heinz, Pierce and Munschauer Co. / George N. Pierce Co.

Museum Addition / Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Gas Station

International Industrial Fair Poster



Original 1908 Thomas Flyer New York to Paris Championship Car Exhibit

Pierce and Pierce-Arrow Autos

Buffalo Electric Carriage Co.

1921-1922 Automatic Transportation Co. Electric Car

1904 South Bend Powered by a 4 Cylinder Buffalo Gasolene Engine

1948 Playboy

Miscellaneous Autos

Opening in the summer of 2001, the Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Museum was the embodiment of a dream of James Sandoro. Sandoro, a Buffalonian, collected a host of vehicles over the past 30years, as well as thousands of pieces of memorabilia,such as signs for auto products. He appraises vehicles as owner of Buffalo Motor Co.

To help celebrate the museum's opening and also the centennial of the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, Sandoro was influential in convincing the Pierce-Arrow Society (Website in 2017) to hold its annual meet in Buffalo. About 175 cars from across the country took part in a parade on Main Street on July 13. The following day the cars were displayed around the McKinley Monument in front of Buffalo's City Hall. Some of the highlights of the display were the vehicles - like the 1901 Pierce Motorette - in Sandoro's museum.

Special thanks to Founder and Executive Director James Sandoro for his cooperation from  2011 forward

Photos and their arrangement 2011 Chuck LaChiusa
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