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1948 Playboy

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 The Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Museum:  WNY-made Vehicles
263 Michigan Ave. at 201 Seneca St., Buffalo, New York
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Playboy Motor Co.
Playboy Motor Cars Website (online October 2017)

"According to an episode of the "Biography" TV series and of "The E! True Hollywood Story," as well as in a 2010 documentary entitled "Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist, and Rebel," a woman who worked for Playboy Motor Cars at the time they shut down suggested to her son's friend that he use the Playboy name for his new magazine. That friend's name was Hugh Hefner!

"This story was confirmed by a letter that the Webmaster of this site personally received from Hugh Hefner in June, 2002 which reads, in part: 'The Playboy name was suggested by a friend whose mother had worked at the then defunct Playboy Motor Car Company...'   - Signed Hugh M. Hefner" - Playboy Motor Cars Website (online October 2017)

Photo copied from the Buffalo Transportation Pierce Arrow Museum (online October 2017)


Three sign details below:

"There are currently only 49 Playboy cars known to still exist in the world. Of those, only about 15 are known to be in roadworthy condition, and less than 5 are known to have the optional windshield-mounted spotlights." - Playboy Motor Cars Website (online October 2017)

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