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Henry Schaefer House
127 Linwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY


C. 1893


Queen Anne


Linwood Historic Preservation District

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2013 photos

Queen Anne style

Conical roof

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2005 photos

Left: Dr. E. J. Meyer Building, 135 Linwood Avenue
Right: Henry Schaefer House

Queen Anne style: wide variety and contrast of materials

Not the original entrance

Distinctive twin 3-story turrets with conical roofs and side oriel

North elevation.
Distinctive double
dormer. Note engaged columns on first story

Detail from previous photo

  • Top: sawtooth shingles
  • Dentil molding
  • Leaded glass windows

Distinctive tracery in windows




One Twenty-Seven Linwood Avenue, with its twin three-story turrets, was built for Henry and Catherine Schaefer, who founded and owned the Globe Plaster Company.

In 1935, the Schaefers converted the property from a single-family to a three-family home in order to create separate living quarters for family members: their son Henry Schaefer, Jr., and his wife, Henrietta Reeb Schaefer, and their parents.

Fortunately, because of their construction expertise, the modifications were done with a minimum of disruption to the home's character and with sensitivity to the outstanding architectural details already in place.

Photos and their arrangement 2005, 2013 Chuck LaChiusa
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