Landmarks and Historic Districts in Buffalo - Table of Contents

Local Historic Districts in Buffalo, NY
As of July 2016
Information provided by Christopher Hawley, Planner, Buffalo Preservation Board

Allentown   Adopted 3/21/78

Broadway-Fillmore   Adopted 5/29/2018

Cobblestone  Adopted 7/12/94

Delaware    Adopted 3/22/77

500 Block of Main  Adopted 1/8/08

Genesee Gateway  Adopted 7/6/10

Hamlin Park  Adopted 12/15/98

Joseph Ellicott  Adopted 11/30/82

Larkin  Adopted 7/22/14

Linwood  Adopted 10/17/78

Olmsted Park and Parkway System  Adopted 10/1/85

Theatre  Adopted 11/15/83

Upper Black Rock  Adopted 4/28/15

West Village  Adopted 5/6/80


Jeffrey Chou, MAP - Local Historic Districts

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Brief Description of the Different Kinds of Historic Districts and Landmarks

Benefits of Historic Districts and Landmarks

Local and National Register Historic Designations: A Comparison and Overview

Local Historic Districts Law: Chapter XIII of the City of Buffalo Charter and Ordinances, 1974

City of Buffalo Preservation Board  Includes a number of valuable planning documents

Historic Resources Surveys in Western New York   Incredibly valuable

National Register of Historic Places - FAQ

Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties

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