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Two Floral Windows
Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd
96 Jewett Pkwy. at Summit, Buffalo, NY
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Both windows dedicated:


Design and fabrication:

Tiffany Glass Co.

Purple Fleur-de-Lis memorial:

Dr. Edward Ingersoll, by Bronson C. Rumsey

Lilies memorial:

Elizabeth Sherman Hayes, by Stephen F. Sherman

Location in church:

South nave

In 1888, it was uncommon for church stained glass windows to be devoid of Biblical scenes. Louis C. Tiffany promoted the idea that floral designs were appropriate expressions of praise for God.

2009 Photos

South and west nave   ...   The two Tiffany Glass Co. floral windows are the second and third windows on the left.

Purple Fleur-de-Lis window

Purple Fleur-de-Lis window    ...   Iconography:  fleur-de-lis   ...   Four details below:

Medallion   ...   Nuggets   ...   Opalescent glass

Note horizontal iron saddle bar

Palm branch: associated with Jesus' entry into Jerusalem

South nave Lilies window   ...   Iconography: Lily   ...   Four details below:

Special thanks to Sexton Kevin Rung for his cooperation in 2009

Photos and their arrangement 2009 Chuck LaChiusa
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