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Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd
96 Jewett Pkwy. at Summit, Buffalo, NY
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Design and fabrication:

Tiffany Glass Company


Location: South transept

Memorial window:

Harriet Wells Matthews

2004, 2009 Photos

Purity triplet, by Tiffany Glass Company

Center panel   ...   Opalescent glass   ...   Details below:

Center panel  -  Transom features an angel - one of Tiffany's signature images

Center panel  - Angel    ...     Bay leaf  wreath

Center panel  -  Faces, hands and feet are always hand painted and then refired  ...   Rest of the glass is opalescent

Center panel  - Dove

Center panel  - Nuggets

Center panel  - See Ellen W. Parisi, Northrup, Matthews, and Smith: The Trustees Who Built the Church of the Good Shepherd

Side panel

Left panel   ...   Details below:

Left panel  - Tympanum   ...   Jewels   ...  IHS   ...   Bay leaf  wreath

Left panelDoves 

Left panel - Nuggets at left   ...   Saddle bar and wires

Left panel

Special thanks to Rev. David Selzer, rector of the Church of the Good Shepherd, for his cooperation,
and to Sexton Kevin Rung and Janice Beam for their cooperation in 2009

Photos and their arrangement 2009 Chuck LaChiusa
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