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"Weego" Mural
Purrfect Cafe and Gallery
1503 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo, New York

Purrfect - Official Website (online August 2018)

Matt Grote (Ogre) and Chuck Tingley
Mural sponsor:
Albright-Knox Art Gallery
Mural design:
"The scheme they came up with, Grote said, involves a surreal balloon festival and a Rubik's Cube with three visible sides, replete with symbols and tied up with notions of cultural identity." - The Buffalo News (online August 2018)

Details below, starting at the upper left:

Two details below:

Detail #1

"Surreal balloon festival" - Detail #2

  Rubik's Cube


AK, Grote and Tingley Tackle Hertel Mural
By  Queenseyes
Buffalo Rising, May 29, 2018

Two of my favorite Buffalo artists have been given some prime time wall space on Hertel Avenue. Once again, Hertel is being given a colorful injection of live, thanks to this new mural project by the Albright-Knox, featuring artists Chuck Tingley and Matt Grote (Ogre). The mural, titled “weego”, is being painted at 1503 Hertel Avenue, on the side of Purrfect Café and Gallery.

While Grote does no currently live in Buffalo (he’s in Cincinnati), the two previously formed a dynamic tag-team painting bond, creating a number of epic murals throughout the city. To this day, they still collaborate on pieces, which are masterful in the way that they come together. Rarely do two artists have such distinct styles, yet meld so seamlessly. They barely need to talk to each other to figure out what’s going on in each other’s heads. The result is always phenomenal.

Sketch for weego, 2018, by Matt Grote and Chuck Tingley

This particular work is perfect for Hertel, in that it is not only vibrant and whimsical, it’s also very playful, with lots of youthful imagery. Residents living in this family-oriented neighborhood will certainly gravitate towards the imaginative characters that come to life in this marvelous creation.

This project is supported in part by Buffalo City Council Member Joel Feroleto. Additional support for this mural has been provided by Hyatt’s Graphic Supply Company.

Albright-Knox Art Gallery (online August 2018)

The mural for 1503 Hertel Avenue conceived by Buffalo-based artist
Chuck Tingley and his painting partner, Cincinnati-based artist Matt Grote (a.k.a. OGRE), incorporates figures and themes influenced by “high” and “low” art, animation from the duo’s childhoods, and international art world–graffiti crossover artists.

The location is alongside the flagship Lloyd Taco Factory in the vibrant business district of Hertel Avenue. Lloyd, which brands itself as "street food on the edge," provides a complimentary backdrop for the artists to produce a mural that responds to the area’s booming enterprises and the influx of youthful audiences that support them.

Chuck Tingley (American, born 1983) is a Buffalo-based artist primarily focused on figurative drawing, painting, and murals. Tingley layers design and abstraction with nostalgia to arrive at a unique, open-ended, and inclusive narrative, rendering his subject matter dynamic and emotional. The artist hopes that his work connects spiritually and psychologically with his viewers in a way that allows them to plumb their own passions and to build unique stories based on their individual sensations and perceptions. In 2017, Tingley participated in the celebrated Freedom Wall mural installation...

This mural has been made possible in part by the City of Buffalo and Council Member Joel Feroleto. Additional support has been provided by Hyatt’s Graphic Supply Company, the Robert Bojdak and Sarah Williams Foundation, and the sponsors of the Summer of AK.

Photos and their arrangement © 2018 Chuck LaChiusa
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