Hertel  Avenue

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Early History of Hertel Avenue

Later History of Hertel Avenue

60 Hertel, St. John the Baptist RC Church

1126 Hertel, Dragon Tattoo

1127 Hertel, Car mural

1188 Hertel,  "Mark Twain and John Lewis" mural

1212 Hertel,
"Goo Goo Dolls" mural

1237 Hertel, B'rith Israel Anshe Ames Synagogue

1260 Hertel ,
"We Are Here" mural
1322 Hertel,  "Magic Buffalo" murals

1297 Hertel, "Buffalo Map" mural

1395 Hertel, St. Margaret's RC Church 

1428 Hertel, North Park Theater

1435 Hertel, Mac's on Hertel

1452 Hertel, 
Bank of America Branch Bank

1472 Hertel, "Lookin' Good" mural

Hertel, "Weego" mural

1534 Hertel, "Woman and Child" mural

1580 Hertel, M&T Branch Bank

1645 Hertel, Sample Shop  RAZED

1645 Hertel, Sample Shop  By Michael F. Rizzo

1673 Hertel, “No Dress Rehearsal. This Is Our Life”  mural
1787 Hertel, “Hertel Postcard” mural

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