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St. John's -Grace Episcopal Church - Exterior Photos
51 Colonial Circle at Bidwell Pkwy. and Lafayette Ave.
Buffalo, New York

St. John's Episcopal Church founded:
1845, the third Episcopal congregation in Buffalo.
Two previous church locations:
  • Washington & Swan ( (current site of Buffalo's professional baseball stadium)
  • 51 Colonial Circle, but converted into the parish hall
Current, third church built:
In 1971, St. John's and Grace Church merged and the church name was changed.
Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue Assoc. (Goodhue died in 1924)
English Perpendicular Gothic with Art Deco elements.
Buffalo local landmark
Street History: After petitions by home owners, Bidwell Place was renamed Colonial Circle in 1909 by the Parks Commission.  (Research by Central Library staff)

James Napora, History of Richmond/Elmwood Area

Elmwood West Historic District Nomination

Grant-Ferry-Forest Survey

2002 Photos
Facade (west elevation)

Cornerstone of original church built when St. John's abandoned downtown site at Washington & Swan.

St. John's Day 1892": There is a St. John's Street south of First Presbyterian Church on Symphony Circle. That was to be the original site for the new church; however, the congregation later decided to move to the "suburbs."

This photo shows the chapel extended outward toward Bidwell.

A frontal view show the relationship of the newer addition to the oldest building, now the Parish Hall.

St. John the Evangelist influences much of the art and furnishings of the interior space. This is a statue of St. John on the steeple.   ...   Onondaga limestone from Granger Quarry in Delaware Park

The steeple cross bottany has no known history.

The bell tower houses a bell that once rang at the downtown site.

Close-up of St. John the Evangelist

At his feet, To Kata Ioannen, "According to John"

The main entrance is inscribed with the opening words of the Gospel according to St. John: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God"

Art Deco bas-relief eagle above main entrance

Main entrance

South elevation facing Lafayette Avenue

Memorial Cross on the wall of the parish hall which was the original entrance into the church.

Current entrance into the Parish Hall from Lafayette Ave.
Note dripstones with label stops over crowning lancet windows

Red Parish Hall entrance in relation to the current church building

North elevation facing Bidwell Parkway

View of the chapel side of the church showing bell gable.   ...   Note upper clerestory windows.

A chapel window nearest the front of the church

Special thanks to The Reverend Peter Bridgford, Rector; David Mathewson, Organist; Joan Brady, Secretary for their assistance in 2002.
Special thanks to Rector Jon F. Lavelle for his cooperation in 2019.

Photos and their arrangement 2002 Chuck LaChiusa
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