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Exterior - Guaranty Building
Formerly known as the Prudential Building
28 Church Street, Buffalo, NY

Adler & Sullivan
Early Modern skyscraper
Chicago School style
Ornamentation style:
Art Nouveau
2016 owner:
Hodgson Russ LLP (online 2016)
National Historic Landmark

Source:  Historic American Buildings Survey, c. 1900 photograph from collection of Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society

2006-2016 Photos

Lower left:  St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral   ...   Both St. Paul's and the Guaranty Building have the highest possible architectural status:  National Historic Landmark
   ...   Contrast  the top of the Telephone Company Building, behind the Graanty Building in this photo, to the earlier photo below:

St. Paul's   steeple at left   ...  Telephone Company at right - Note electronic equipment from 1961 at top, later removed

Southwest corner of Pearl and Church Streets

Even though Sullivan was the first major American architect to promote nature motifs as decoration - instead of European Classical Greek and Roman motifs - he imitated the overall shape of a Classical column for his skyscrapers   ...   The building on the right in the illustration is Minoru Yamaski's M&T Building which pays homage to the earlier master by also using the column design

Reflection of the Erie County Savings Bank tower

Photo, taken from the top story of the Guaranty Building,  courtesy of Harry Meyer   ...   Old County Hall tower in middle of photo

2006-2016 Photos

Terra cotta   ...   Art Nouveau nature motifs   ...   Cornice

Nature motif

Spandrel panel

Plant pod imagery ... Caterpillar imagery

Column ... Lion head  gargoyles


Capital: G(uaranty) B(uilding)

Photos and their arrangement 2016 Chuck LaChiusa
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