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2002 photographs
Interior - Bemis / Ransom House

Main features of the interior of the house:

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Front entryway encaustic tiles

Detail of previous photo.

Front entryway heat register

Vestibule fireplace: basket weave pattern

Vestibule fireplace: beveled mirrors.

Vestibule fireplace: entablature, including dentils

Front room pocket doors

Front room door surround

Wood is featured throughout interior

Front room fireplace.

Room adjoining room looks out to North Street.




Fireplace in third main room off the vestibule

Staircase in vestibule






Mezzanine level mosque seen from staircase

Top of stairs on second floor

Mezzanine level mosque



Mosque: arabesque pattern



Window in second floor room overlooking North Street.



Tiger maple is used exclusively throughout this second floor room.

Tiger maple

Tiger maple

Cherry is the wood used in this second floor room.

Part of the rounded arch motif in the room.


1931 Photo
House owner: Mrs. Joseph T. Jones

1931 Photo
House owner: Mrs. Joseph T. Jones

1931 Photo
House owner: Mrs. Joseph T. Jones

Main source of information: A tour of "Four Silsbee Houses" in October 2000 sponsored by the Graycliff Conservancy. Patrick Mahoney, tour guide of Bemis House. Special thanks to Mr. Mahoney for use of most of his black and white photos.

Additional sources:

See also: Joseph Lyman Silsbee in Buffalo Bemis House architect

Photos and their arrangement 2002 Chuck LaChiusa
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