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C-SAAHN's Mission and Vision Since 2009
   Center for the Study of Art & Architecture, History & Nature (C-SAAHN)

C-SAAHN: Founded in 2009, is a digital enterprise and network designed to help link volunteers and lifelong learning communities as part of the “Buffalo-Chautauqua Idea.”

Imagine Greater Buffalo: Created by C-SAAHN in 2015 as an Affiliate of the nonprofit Wellness Insti-tute of Greater Buffalo to help market its vision, events, classes, projects, and AUDIO Catalog containing over 800 event recordings at: 
Contact: -or-

The Buffalo-Chautauqua Idea: Exploring American legacy through place-based lifelong learning and imagination. Imagine infusing one city - Buffalo - with the “Spirit of Chautauqua.” The Buffalo-Chautauqua Idea was first presented as a Special Studies course at Chautauqua Institution in 2006 & 2007 titled, ”Imagine Buffalo in the 21st-Century: The Buffalo-Chautauqua Idea” by Dennis Galucki.

Vision 2025:
Imagine Greater Buffalo as a Premier North American Cultural and Nature Center:
Imagine a Healthy, Wealthy, and Sustainable Community -

Mission 2018-2025:
Create meaningful learning opportunities and enjoyable experiences with aesthetic values through events, classes,  projects, and sponsorships at both Buffalo and Chautauqua.

Events:      Contact: Dennis Galucki, founder at  /
*    IMAGINE Lecture & Discussion Series every Tuesday, September-June, during the noon-hour in the “Ring of Knowledge” area at the downtown Buffalo & Erie County Public Library (over 300 to date);       
*    “Landmark Cruise” on the Miss Buffalo II every Wednesday 3-5pm during July & August;
*    Franciscan-based Reflective Walks @ Delaware Park every First Sunday from March-November;
*    Annual Buffalo Day @ Chautauqua during the Summer Season (9th BuffaloDay@CHQ 7/3/18)

“Art of Investing” classroom lecture and discussion based on over a thirty year career as an investment advisor and sixty years of being a “student of the markets,” every Monday 4-5pm in the Smith Memorial Library at Chautauqua Institution during the Summer Season, since 2009.

Projects (partial list): IMAGINE Greater Buffalo 2025                                                          
The following projects are designed to celebrate the Bicentennial of the Erie Canal’s completion in Buffalo in 2025 and foster a “citizen-historian” lifelong learning culture and imagine a Greater Buffalo:

*    Imagine “New Buffalo’s Old Town” at CanalSide including the old Aud site with building scale and street lay-outs similar to the 1870s and the buildings demolished in 1939;

*    Greater Buffalo LEGO Architecture Studio Project with Explore Buffalo, Martin House, and the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library system;

*    Explore Buffalo Downtown Workbook Say YES Summer-Camp Project;

*    “Friends of Griffins Mills, NY” Sojourner Truth Historic Signage Project;

*    3D Virtual Tour Project #1:“Building Buffalo: Building from Books, Books from Buildings” Library Exhibit with partners
 B&ECPLibrary & iTours 360VR;

*    “Walking-to-Wellness” 2nd Sat@Downtown Library ‘Medical Mile’ Campus;

*    Chautauqua Archives Heritage Lecture AUDIO Catalog since 2010

*    Roger Tory Peterson Digital Natural History Atlas;

*    Assembly House 150 Digital Education Project;

*    The “Chautauqua-BuffaloNiagara-Toronto” Idea with the Buffalo-Lille Association

Recent Articles Reflecting the Mission and Vision of the Center

The Center for the Study of Art, Architecture, History and Nature (C-SAAHN) is simply an Idea - an Idea to promote appreciation for the important roles of Art, Architecture, History and Nature in our lives both individually and collectively. Our geographic focus is the Buffalo-Niagara Region, but this Idea could apply to any city or region.

The Idea has been developed in presentations as a docent at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Arts in Education Institute, Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society, Buffalo Harbor Landmark Cruise, Buffalo State College Newman Center, Buffalo Tours, Frank Lloyd Wright's Darwin Martin House Complex, Landmark Society of the Niagara Frontier (now Preservation Buffalo Niagara) City Hall Tours. And, it was further developed as a Special Studies program at the Chautauqua Institution in 2006 and 2007, "Imagining Buffalo in the 21st Century: The Buffalo-Chautauqua Idea."

 C-SAAHN's Mission:

In effect, the Center for the Study of Art, Architecture, History & Nature (C-SAAHN) is a digital enterprise and network designed to help link volunteers and lifelong learning communities in our region and beyond to help explore the "Buffalo-Chautauqua Idea."

C-SAAHN's Vision:

"Imagine Buffalo Niagara 2010 - 2020"
From a presentation June 8, 2010 at the Buffalo & Erie County Downtown Library by Dennis Galucki,

Let us see our region as a:

1. Series of lifelong learning communities linked together;
2. Railroad hub for New York City, Chicago, and Toronto;
3. Nature preserve and sculpture park;
4. Center for the study of Frank Lloyd Wright;
5. Community that celebrates its past;
6. Community where every student and their family members are encouraged to participate in regular cultural activities as lifelong learners;
7. Unique bi-national community;
8. Creative community developing a sustainable economy.
In effect, see Buffalo Niagara as an international destination for art, architecture, history and nature for visitors, as well as a great place to live and explore for lifelong learning residents.

 The matching Eight Ideas and Goals for 2011  are measurable goals for helping to create C-SAAHN's vision.

 2009 Mission

A New Year's Reflection on the "Buffalo-Chautauqua Idea" and C-SAAHN

Here is a brief summary of 2010, the first full year for C-SAAHN as a vehicle to explore the "Buffalo-Chautauqua Idea."

At Buffalo, C-SAAHN:

  • Like Chautauqua, sponsored a lecture platform, this one in partnership with the Buffalo and Erie County Central Library - the 2nd and 4th Tuesday Noon-Hour Lecture/Discussion - to invite community leaders to "Imagine Buffalo Niagara in the 21st Century" and answer the question, "Why are Buffalo Niagara's Art, Architecture, History & Nature Important?" Since last December, twenty speakers have given us their vision and answers. The speakers were, primarily, all leaders of various cultural, educational and lifelong learning institutions since where they are leading their organizations will have a significant impact on where our region is going.
  • Presented "Silver Peace Dollar" Awards to Chuck LaChiusa, Robert Shibley, Charles Rand Penney, Stanford Lipsey and John Conlin for their lifetime efforts in helping us appreciate art, architecture, history and/or nature.
  • Began the C-SAAHN "Buffalo Stories" Series which were created as an internet archive in partnership with the Buffalo & Erie County Central Library,  Butler Library at Buffalo State College, Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society, Martin House Visitors Pavilion, Burchfield-Penney Art Center and other organizations.
  • Sponsored nine weekly "Landmark Cruises" on the Miss Buffalo II during the summer where we "Imagine Buffalo Niagara Around Art, Architecture, History and Nature."
  • Was invited by the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp. (ECHDC) to present a Buffalo River boat tour on The Cotter, "Imagine Buffalo Niagara Around Art, Architecture, History and Nature," for visiting leaders of ECHDC's Toronto and NYC project consultants.
  • Was a "Major Donor" of the 2010 Buffalo Garden Walk as part of C-SAAHN's Idea #3 (of 8): "The Oldest Tree in Buffalo Celebration"

At Chautauqua, C-SAAHN:
  • Created and sponsored the 1st Annual "Buffalo Day at Chautauqua" along with WNED, The Buffalo News and the Martin House Restoration Corp.
(AUDIO click HERE). Plans are being made for the 2nd Annual "Buffalo Day at Chautauqua" on Tuesday, August 16, 2011 with the same sponsors.
  • Coordinated and recorded the "Art of Investing" nine weekly Noon-Hour Discussion at the Smith Library every Monday during the Chautauqua summer season.
  • In collaboration with the Chautauqua Archives Heritage Lecture Program recorded several speakers as part of the "Chautauqua Stories" Series.

2010 was a good first year for C-SAAHN.
For a list of future speakers and/or an AUDIO of past Downtown Library Noon-Hour Lectures, click HERE.

Thank you for your interest and support.
Happy New Year!
Dennis Galucki
Founder, C-SAAHN

The Center for the Study of Art, Architecture, History, & Nature (C-SAAHN) Review
June, 2009 - June, 2012


C-SAAHN Background

C-SAAHN became the vehicle designed to explore an idea presented at Chautauqua Institution's Special Studies program in both 2006 and 2007 by Dennis Galucki. The title of the three day, one-and-a-half hour class-lecture and discussion was, "Imagine Buffalo Niagara in the 21st-Century: The Buffalo-Chautauqua Idea." The idea was to appreciate the history of Chautauqua Institution since 1874, being imagined around four pillars of art, education, religion, & recreation, and then imagine a city, like Buffalo, building it's future around the four elements of art, architecture, history, & nature.


- A unique digital enterprise and network established in 2009;
- To help link volunteers and lifelong learning communities;
- The "Buffalo-Chautauqua Idea: Exploring American Legacy;"
- "Appreciating Our Past = Imagining Our Future."

C-SAAHN's Four Components:

C-SAAHN Lecture Platforms (Three total):

         Tuesday - 'IMAGINE' Series @ The Buffalo & Erie County Central Library, September - June  (75+ total over 3 years);
         Monday - 'Art of Investing' @ The Smith Library, Chautauqua Institution, June - August (27 total over 3 years);
          Wednesday - 'Landmark Cruise' on the Miss Buffalo II, July & August (27 total over 3 years);
         Thursday - (a fourth new lecture platform is in the development stage).

 C-SAAHN Network:
          Website created June 2009 (C-SAAHN #1 Search Result, of millions, for key words: Art; Architecture; History; Nature);
          Over 2500 Email Subscribers.

 C-SAAHN AUDIO Catalog (over 200 on Internet Archive):      

"IMAGINE" Lectures;

           "Buffalo Stories" Series;
          "Chautauqua Stories" Series;
          "Art of Investing" Series @ Chautauqua;
          Chautauqua Institution Archives "Heritage Lecture Series;"
          "Landmark Cruise" Series.

C-SAAHN Events - Creator and/or Sponsor:

             Annual "Buffalo Day @ Chautauqua" (3 years);
             'Landmark Cruise' on the Miss Buffalo II (4 years);
             'Garden Walk Buffalo' (3 years);
             Chautauqua Institution Archives "Heritage Lecture Series."

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