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Charles F. Blair House
125 Woodbridge Ave., Buffalo, NY

Ulysses G. Orr
Arts & Crafts/Craftsman

2018 photos
Ulysses G. Orr designed this Arts and Crafts stone and clinker brick home in 1907.  Charles F. Blair, Esq., a well-respected Buffalo attorney, purchased the house the following year.  The Blairs resided in this house for nearly 50 years and the history of the home and Blair family is a fabulous part of America’s history during the 20th century.  Charles Sr. married Grace E. McGonegal and together they had two sons and three daughters.
The eldest son, Charles Blair, Jr. (1909-1978), served as a Brigadier General and pilot in WWII, became a consultant to NASA, was a test pilot for Grumman Aircraft and had a long and successful commercial airlines career.  Charles set numerous flight records and on May 29, 1951, piloted the very first single engine solo flight over the North Pole.  In 1968 he married actress Maureen O’Hara.  O’Hara took the Blair surname, gave up acting, and together they remained very much in love until Charles died in a plane crash in 1978.
The second son, Robert Blair, (1912-2003) took a different path in search of excellence.  Deciding in his teens, Robert went on to study art.  Throughout his lifetime he became highly famous and influential for his use of watercolor, sculpture, oils, pen and ink, acrylic and printmaking.  He won numerous awards and his art can be seen in the Burchfield-Penney, Metropolitan Museum of Art and numerous other locations. 
--  Judy Tucker

View northeast

View northwest

Details, from left to right:

Arts & Crafts/Craftsman style  rafter tails   ...   Turned  double-vase  engaged corner ornament

Older bricks (below gabel roof ) include clinker bricks  

Larger chimney stones: Onondaga limestone   ...   Smaller stones pattern:  coursed masonry   ...    Rafter tail roof    ...   Painted stucco walls

Larger chimney stones: Onondaga limestone   ...   Smaller stones pattern:  coursed masonry   ...    Rafter tail roof 

All windows feature the same double triangle geometric shape - typical Arts & Crafts/Craftsman style   ...  Rafter tail

East elevation   ...   Note garage (detailed below:)

Photos and their arrangement 2018 Chuck LaChiusa
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