98 Wellington - EXTERIOR photos

98 Wellington Avenue, Buffalo, NY

2019 Photos


Looking from the living room into the vestibule   ...   Not shown:  Stained glass at left   ...   Typical oak bungalow door   ...   Mission style cabinet:  Mission is the name for Arts & Crafts furniture

Typical oak bungalow door with top display shelf and supporting corbels

Vestibule   ...    Mosaic floor detail   ...   Hexagonal tesserae

Vestibule   ... Arts & Crafts stained glass windows  features tulip motif   ...  Detail below:

Vestibule   ...   Tulip motif   ...   Tulip motif is also found in windows and on furniture in another bungalow at 452 Parkside in Buffalo   ...    The same tulip  motif is found in the living room windows, illustrated below

Living room

Living room   ...   The fireplace is the focal point in a Bungalow living room   ...   Typically, in a bungalow style house, built-in book cases with leaded glass doors flank the fireplace.  Here, the leaded glass doors on the book case have been removed, but one of them is displayed above the fireplace   ...   Note also the contemporary fire screen

Living room   ...   The fireplace without the contemporary fire screen    ...   Three fireplace display shelves, detailed below:

Living room   ...   Predominance of  header bricks in the center

Living room 

Living room   ...    Leaded glass door - illustrated below - that is hanging above the fireplace originally was one of four  doors on the built-in book cases flanking the entrance to the dining room

Living room   ...   Original leaded glass door removed from one of the two built-in bookcases 

Living room   ...   One of the two built-in bookcases    ...   Colonnette: small slender column, usually decorative, which support a beam or lintel, detailed below:

Living room   ...   Four colonnettes

Living room   ...   Arts & Crafts style stained glass lamp shade

Living room   ...   Note stained glass windows, detailed below:

Living room   ...   Same tulip motif is found in the vestibule window illustrated at the top of this page  

Living room   ...     Note the opalescent stained glass

Living room   ...   Except for the couch, furniture is mission style, the name given to arts & crafts style furniture

Dining room

Dining room    ...   View from living room   ...   Windsor chair in living room   ...   Beamed ceiling   ...   Typical Bungalow plate rails   ...   Built-in storage space beneath widow seat  ...   Oak floor   ...   Mission style furniture

Dining room    ...   Typical corbel-supported plate rail

Dining room    ...   Typical oak paneled Bungalow door with top corbels   ...   Flanking plate rails

Dining room    ...   Quartersawn oak

Bathroom window stylized tulip motif


Special thanks to 2020 owner Patricia Butcher for her cooperation and assistance

Photos and their arrangement 2019 Chuck LaChiusa
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