98 Wellington - INTERIOR photos

98 Wellington Road, Buffalo, NY


c. 1925
See also:  #62 Wellington Road - Original model house for the subdivision
Original street name:
Deseronto Avenue
Year street name changed to Wellington Road:

Neighborhood history:
Hertel Avenue

2019 Photos

Bungalow style   ...   Details below:

Ribbon dormers   ...   Bargeboard   ...   Wooden shingles

Rafter tails

Battered pillars

Bungalow battered pillar

Flared roof

Shed roof with
rafter tails on oriel window

Bungalow rectangular balusters

Typical oak
Bungalow door

The original model house for the subdivision on Wellington Road in the 1920s
Photo courtesy of Zillow (online January 4, 2020

Special thanks to 2020 owner Patricia Butcher for her cooperation and assistance

Photos and their arrangement 2019 Chuck LaChiusa
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