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Stained Glass Window
Parkside Lutheran Church
2 Wallace Avenue, Buffalo NY
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Stained Glass Window
Window installed: 1925
Studios: ?

3-panel window depicting Christ offering Communion a kneeling disciple surrounded by 10 other disciples. Note Judas in upper  right of the right side vertical panel.

Top trapezoidal panels.
6 symbols, 4 of which are symbols of the Crucifixion: a reed and sponge; a spear and tongs; Alpha and Omega; a ladder; a robe.

Left panel.
Text: This is my blood of the covenant

Left panel

Center and right panels

Right panel

Detail: Embroidered reredos features urns and scrolling foliage
Gothic Revival style wood  furnishings

Organ screen features Gothic  tracery

  Wainscoting ..... Gothic Revival chair

Note pointed finials  and  quatrefoil  tracery

Note choir seating and (at right)  baptismal font

Special thanks to Pastor Nate Preisinger for his cooperation and to Council Member Vince Harzewski for his assistance in 2011

Photos and their arrangement 2011 Chuck LaChiusa
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