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North elevation - Cologne Cathedral
Cologne, Germany

November 2019 Photos

Star at top of the south elevation steeple is a Christmas decoration

Finials   ...   Pinnacles   ...   Clerestory and triforium stained glass windows   ...   Flanking flying buttresses

Center, cleaned stone:   Quatrefoil and trefoil  tracery

Pinnacles with crockets   ...  
Flying buttresses decorated with trefoils


North elevation portal   ...   Note unusually shaped three tympanum cinquefoil and trefoil

Pinnacles   ...   Crockets   ...   Unusually shape  tympanum cinquefoil tracery


Three in the round 
grotesques(?)  or gargoyles(?), depending on whether they are water spouts

Grotesques(?)  or gargoyles(?), depending on whether they are water spouts

Grotesques(?)  or gargoyles(?)

Grotesque  or gargoyle   ..   Note plastic rods, meant to keep away pigeons

Grotesque  or gargoyle 

Portal archivoltsjambs  and tympanum


Archivolt figures

Tympanum flanked by archivolts

Jamb figures   ...  
The art work of the cathedral's portals is dominated by their life-sized jamb figures. There were originally 47 at the west end, 37 at the south end, and 25 at the north end [on this page]. Except for the medieval sculptures of St. Peter's Portal all sculptures of the Cathedral are made by Christian Mohr   and Peter Fuchs.    ...  
Christian Mohr
(1823-1888) worked under the cathedral architect Ernst Friedrich Zwirner   ...      
Peter Fuchs:
From 1865 to 1881 he produced some 700 life-size and slightly over-life-size sculptures for Cologne Cathedral, mostly reliefs and seated and standing figures depicting scenes from the Bible and lives of the saints. Many of these are to be found on the columns and walls of the south transept (1866–1872), the west towers (1871), the west front and the north front (1879–1881) and the Petersportal (1881).

Jamb  figures

Photos and their arrangement 2019 Chuck LaChiusa
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