St. Stanislaus RC Church - Table of Contents

Exterior - St. Stanislaus RC Church
123 Townsend St., Buffalo, NY 1412
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T. 0. Sullivan
Romanesque Revival

Twin belfries and cupolas with lanterns

Twin towers

Upper: Rose window


Onondaga limestone

East elevation

Note statues (illustrated below)

Cupola, belfry and clock

St. Adalbert

St. Hyacinth

St. Matthew the Evangelist
Note the pen Matthew holds and the small-scale man (often depicted with wings)

Stones for the grotto from the first St. Stanislaus church

Virgin Mary grotto

White lines are lead came

East transept

East transept and apse

Special thanks to Pastor Fr. Thaddeus Bocianowski for his cooperation
and to Gregory Witul for his research.

Photos and their arrangement © 2011  Chuck LaChiusa
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