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Nave and Side Aisles  - St. John Kanty RC Church
101 Swinburne St., Buffalo, NY 14212

St. John Kanty - Official Website (online April 2017)


Nave:  The central aisle; the part of a church located between the chief entrance and the chancel / sanctuary, and separated from the side aisles by piers or columns

Looking down on the nave and the colored marble floor from the choir loft

Nave and church entrance as seen from the sanctuary at the front of the church   ...   Note the Gothic Revival style  ribbed ceiling and pointed arches in the arcade (side aisles) ...   "The lit The Last Supper sculpture is installed on the choir and organ  loft ...    Rose window

Gothic Revival style  ribbed ceiling

Clearstory windows

Gothic Revival style  pointed arches in the arcade (side aisles)

Aisle stained glass window detailed below:

Clearstory window   ...   Pelican and chicks   ...   Detail below:

Aisle geometric, foliate  stained glass window   ...   Detail below:

Pre-1942 photo   ...   Courtesy of St. John Kanty Church   ...   Note The Last Supper about half way up the altar  

Carving of The Last Supper   ...   The Last Supper

"On January 12, 1955 a second fire raged through the church. The three alarm fire engulfed the interior of the church, still decorated for the Christmas season. Ten stained glass windows burst from extreme heat pressure, and organ pipes fell to the church floor. The fire also destroyed the wooden main altarpiece, two side altars, murals and statuary. Remarkably, the life size sculpture of The Last Supper, originally set in the main altar, was saved. The sculptor, Frank Pedevilla, lived and worked in the Rochester area. Originally intended for the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Montreal, because of the additional border crossing fees Notre Dame was unable to accept delivery. Seen in a store window by someone from St. John Kanty, a deal was struck for the purchase and delivery to the East side church. This magnificent wooden sculpture now rests in the choir loft for all to see." - St. John Kanty website (online Arpril 2017)

Two details below:

Detail #1 - The Last Supper

Detail #2 - The Last Supper

Side Aisles

Side altar #1   ...  Icon detail below:

Ave Maria mosaic   ...   Mother of God   ...   Two details below:

Detail # 1 - Ave Maria mosaic

Detail # 2 - Ave Maria mosaic

Side altar #2   ...   Icon detail below:

One of fourteen plaster Stations of the Cross   ...   Detail below:

Special thanks to Judy Felski for her assistance in 2017

Photos and their arrangement 2017 Chuck LaChiusa
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