Wattles House - Table of Contents

Interior:  Second floor - Gurdon Moses Wattles House
393 Richmond Avenue, Buffalo NY

December 2019 photos

Foyer staircase landing

Foyer Queen Anne staircase landing   ...   Four details below:

Fleur-de-lis    ...   Jewels   ...    Ripple glass

Torch      ...   Opalescent glass

C scroll motifs


Built-in Hallway storage cabinet

Airbnb suite

Airbnb suite

Door surround

Two mantelpiece details below:

Bead-and-reel molding near top   ...   Bellflowers   ...   Shelf with gouged support

Slip glazed tiles on surround and hearth

Airbnb suite

Airbnb suite

Airbnb suite

Airbnb suite

Special thanks to owners Alice & Tom Eoannou for their cooperation in 2019
Photos and their arrangement 2019 Chuck LaChiusa
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