Plymouth Methodist Church and Karpeles Museum - Table of Contents

Exterior Photos
Plymouth Methodist Church / Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum
453 Porter Avenue, Buffalo, NY

"Karpeles" pronunciation: KARP e les




Cyrus K. Porter & Son


Romanesque Revival


Buffalo local landmark

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1978 Shaw Memorial A. M. E. Zion Church plaque


View from Porter and Jersey Streets

View from Porter and Jersey Streets - the point of the triangular site. The octagonal cupola is not visible from this angle.

Tower and east window depicting Christ the Good Shepherd in all five arcade panels of the window,

Belfry (empty) with Romanesque rounded arches. Building material is locally quarried Onondaga limestone

North view (Porter Avenue). Note statue in belfry

Statue in belfry: "Quasimodo," by Michael Kelly