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Buffalo City Hall - Façade
Buffalo, NY




Dietel Wade & Jones

Building materials:

Base - green granite

Main body - Ohio sandstone

Upper floors - yellowish sone with polychrome terra cotta tiles at the topo ofthe tower

Window surround - Bronze


Art Deco


Joseph Ellicott Local Preservation District
City Hall is supported on 180 caissons, set on bedrock, at depths of 36 to 48 feet below ground level. The footprint of the building is an elongated octagon, measuring 315 feet on the north-south axis and 164 feet on the east-west axis.

It has a riveted steel frame, and reinforced concrete floors. The exterior walls are faced with tawny Ohio sandstone and gray Minnesota limestone, above a base of gray granite.

The building contains 566,313 square feet of space and cost $6,851,547.00, plus architectural fees of nearly $400,000.00

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Samuel Wilkeson homestead. Demolished.

September 16, 1929.
Note Kendall Company gas station

March 22, 1930.
The structure is a riveted steel frame

July 4, 1930.
Elmwood Avenue entrance.

July 1971.

View from Court Street near Main St.

The footprint of the building is an elongated octagon.

Glass dome above octagonal drum

Octagonal drum

Symbolism includes Native American images


8 massive stone columns

The central figure is a woman, representing the city of Buffalo. See East and West Friezes

Eight massive columns in the shape of tightly bundled reeds

The columns represent strength in unity

Pioneer hunter historical bas-relief over center door.

The interior of the entrance portico

The coffers of the ceiling have colored tiles

Woman weaving a basket.

The pinnacles are shaped like miniature Art Deco buildings.

The seal of the city

Window bronze panels with Art Deco geometric design

Art Deco design

One of 12 window jambs representing the months of the year


"Vintage - Fruitage

Art Deco sylized eagle

Grover Cleveland Monument

Millard Fillmore Monument

Millard Fillmore Monument

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