John G. Ullmann House - Table of Contents

Interior - John G. Ullmann House

260 Middlesex Rd., Buffalo, New York

Nye Park neighborhood

Photos taken in October 2018

Entry hall

Tudor Revival plank door features Tudor arch

Living room

Tudor arch above display shelves    ...   Tudor Revival  fireplace

Tudor Revival  fireplace features Tudor arch

Tudor Revival arch above display shelf

Wooden corbel

Leaded glass  casement windows (hardware details below) facing Middlesex Road

Casement window hardware

Casement window hardware

Leaded glass  casement windows facing backyard patio

Sconce and plaster art   ...   Details below:

Three views of the wrought iron  sconce

Plaster art

Another example of
plaster art

Living room   ...   Original oak floors in living room and dining room

Dining room    ...   Plank table top

Hanging light fixture    ...   Leaded glass  casement windows facing backyard

casement  stained glass window with Tudor surround   ...  Same window from a different angle below:

Tudor arch

Original tin(?) ceiling light fixture

Special thanks to owners Marc Needham and Jeffrey Brzezinski for their cooperation in 2018

Photos and their arrangement 2018 Chuck LaChiusa
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