St. Joseph University Church - Table of Contents

Interior - St. Joseph RC Church / St. Joseph University Church
3269 Main St., Buffalo, NY

St. Joseph University Parish - Official Website

Stained glass windows:
Franz Xavier Zettler of Munich?
Murals artist:
George Raggi
Altars and statues: Carved in the town of Pietransanta, Italy

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Organ loft

August 2019 Photos


Nave and sanctuary

   ...   Main altar and reredos

Reredos mural by
George Raggi

Heaven   ...   Angels playing musical instruments   ...   St. Joseph holding Jesus

Angles holding carpenter 's tools in honor of St. Joseph, a carpenter

Marriage of Joseph and Mary

Nativity scene   ...   Detail below:

"Flight into Egypt"

Twelve year old Jesus preaches to the rabbis in the Temple

Death of St. Joseph


Gothic pointed ceiling

 Center nave  and side aisle

South nave stained glass windows

Aisle features confessionals and stations of the cross


Pews feature finials (detailed below:)

Stations of the cross: #1

Stations of the cross: #2

Baptismal font   ...   Three details below:

Baptismal font detail #1

Baptismal font detail #2 - Crockets and pinnacles   ...   Cinquefoils

Blind arcade


Two wooden statues, detailed below   ...      Sanctuary at right

Organ loft

Choir gallery rising above the narthex   ...   Rose window

Photos and their arrangement 2019 Chuck LaChiusa
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