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Interior - Parkside Candy Co. / Shoppe
3208 Main St. at Winspear, Buffalo, NY




 G. Morton Wolfe

Interior style

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

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2017 photos

Mark Sommer, Parkside Candy to be restored to former grandeur, thanks to Buffalo Billion

2017 photos

View from the entrance   ...   Architect  G. Morton Wolfe consciously imitated the voguish French confectionery salons   ...   Cove lighting

Looking toward the entrance


Three ceiling details below:

Detail #1 - Plaster   ...   Pendent and scalloped bellflowers  

Detail #2 - Bellflowers  ...   Urn   ...   Scrolling acanthus leaves   ...   Panel:  Paired sphinxes face an urn   ...   Harpy(?) with wings  

Detail #3 -  Anthemion    ...   Scrolling acanthus leaves

Plaster wall  moldings

Adamesque cornice and frieze  motifs   ...   Plaster Corinthian pilasters

Looking up   ...     Urns and bay leaf swags   ...   Modillions   ...   Dentils

Modillions ...   Dentils   ...   Urns and bellflower swags in frieze 


Bays   ...  Cozy booth with lattice window   ...   Window detail below:

Soda fountain at left   ...   Different view below:

Soda fountain  details below:

Adamesque ornamented soda fountain cabinet    ...   Two details below: 

Detail #1 - Acanthus leaves   ...   Decorated ovals flanking urn in frieze

Detail #2 - Corinthian pilaster with capital and pendant bellflowers  in paneled shaft

Soda fountain bar   ...   Three details below:

Detail #1

Detail #2  - Bottom Ionic capital

Detail #3

Note legs   ...   Detail below:

Urn in lower panel

Bay  pilasters

Bay   ...    Plaster paneled shaft details below:

Detail #1 - Arabesques   ...   Leaf-and-dart border molding   ...   Scrolling acanthus leaves

Detail #2 - Urns

Detail #3

Candy displays

Partial reprint
Parkside Candy to be restored to former grandeur, thanks to Buffalo Billion
By Mark Sommer
Published in the Buffalo News, July 25, 2016

Parkside Candy will be restored to its 1927 glory – thanks in part to a matching grant of $125,000 from the Buffalo Billion economic development initiative.

The $230,000 restoration project begins Aug. 15 and is expected to be completed in mid-October.

Crews will restore the enchanting, pistachio green-colored interior, with its small soda fountain, cream-colored dome ceiling, wooden display cases, dark walnut moldings and other ornamental details. Other features include torchiere-style floor lamps with frosted domes and a seating alcove with a curved, upholstered bench.

“That wonderful oval room is one of the great interior spaces in Buffalo,” said Francis Kowsky, an architectural historian who, with Martin Wachadlo, prepared the successful National Register of Historic Places nomination in 2015. “It’s perfect for what it was designed to be, a place to have lunch and ice cream.”

Inside the shop, a black-and-white tile floor will be installed over the current linoleum, which will be encapsulated because of asbestos. The domed ceiling, repaired and painted a few years ago, will have a section repaired and painted after water damage resulted from poor caulking around a new upstairs skylight.

The green paint and gold leaf will be redone. Candy cases will get new LED light fixtures. The alcove booth will get new cushions. The soda fountain will get new ice-cream freezers. Buffamonte also plans to refinish the tables and chairs.

Photos and their arrangement 2017 Chuck LaChiusa
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