Fidelity Trust Building / NYS Dept. of Labor Building - Table of Contents

Fidelity Trust Bank Building / Swan Tower
284 Main Street, Buffalo, NY


1892, by John Albright


1926, addition, west wing facing Swan Street


1909: Green & Wicks
1926 addition: Edward B. Green & Sons, Inc.
Mural ceiling restoration:
1989 by owner Ellicott Development


Commercial Renaissance Revival


Joseph Ellicott Historic Preservation District

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The Weed Block at Main & Swan, built in 1857, was demolished in 1901 to make room for the Fidelity Trust Building

Fidelity Trust Building near the turn of the century (note horses)

11 stories tall. Note the 1926 addition by Edward B. Green & Sons, Inc. at far left

Note the 1926 addition by Edward B. Green & Sons, Inc. at far left


Roof line:

Note egg-and-dart molding


Fluted end brackets with guttae and dentils support broken pediment


Volutes in Ionic capital

A northern neighbor: Main Place Mall (far right)

Neighbor: Dun Building

Right (gray building):  Ellicott Square Building  ...  2016 photo

Marine Trust Company, Fidelity Trust Company, and the Bank of Buffalo comprised the strongest financial institutions in the City at the turn of the century.

Later called the M&T Building and later still the NFTA Building. In 2011, the building was referred to by the owner since 1989, Ellicott Development, as Swan Tower.

George V. Forman, a very punctual man, according to Anson Goodyear, "every morning left his house at a certain hour and met George Williams at his house just above North Street, to walk to the Fidelity Building together. Mr. Forman boasted a very prominent corporation and leaned backward to achieve his balance. Mr. Williams was emaciated and bent forward to achieve his. It was a procession on which people checked their watches." -- Forman-Cabana House

Photos and their arrangement 2005, 2016 Chuck LaChiusa
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