Saint Vincent's Female Orphan Asylum
Later: Bishop O'Hern High School / Erie Community College / Health Sciences Charter School
1313 Main St. at Riley, Buffalo, NY
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Status: Buffalo Landmark

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Entire St. Vincent's Campus:

1989 - Nomination for Local Landmark Listing  Includes history of each building

1860 Robinson-Squier House:

1989 - Nomination Building history

1893 - Biographical Sketch: George L. Squier

2001 - Squier House may be eligible for listing on the State and National Register of Historic Places

1910 - PHOTO
Courtesy of Patrick Mahoney.  Exterior

2001 - PHOTOS   Exterior

2001/2004 - PHOTOS  Juxtaposes 2001 and 2004 Squier House exterior photos illustrating rehabilitation by owner Cash Cunningham

2004 - PHOTOS By Tracy Diina. Exterior and interior

2012 - PHOTOS

1890 Rich Mansion:

1989 - Nomination Building history

2012 - PHOTOS

Green & Wicks Orphanage:

1989 - Nomination Building history

1950s - PHOTOS 
Exterior and interior photos; includes children

2001 - PHOTOS  Exterior

Fall 2011 - Health Sciences Charter School Press Release

2012 - PHOTOS Exterior

2012 - PHOTOS Interior

1935 Dietel Gymnasium:

1989 - Nomination Building history

2001 - PHOTO  Exterior

2012 - PHOTOS Exterior and interior

See also:  Elizabeth Licata, Q: Can these buildings be saved? A: "Yes. No. Maybe." 2002 Buffalo Spree article

HISTORY - St. Vincent's Campus
Robinson-Squier Mansion, 1313 Main Street, built
Sisters of Charity purchase the Robinson-Squier Mansion for Saint Vincent's Female Orphan Asylum
St. Vincent's expansion: Orphanage, 1140 Ellicott Street, built. Green & Wicks architect.
G. Barrett Rich Mansion, on Main Street, built
St. Vincent's expansion:  Rich Mansion purchased for convent
St. Vincent's expansion:  Gymnasium built. George Dietel architect.
St. Vincent's moves to Bryant Street
St. Vincent's properties sold to Bishop O'Hern H.S.
Bishop O'Hern H.S. properties sold to Erie County for its Community College-City Campus
ECC-City Campus moves to Old Post Office.
1140 Ellicott Street orphanage building and the gymnasium vacant until 2011.
Rich Mansion sold in 1984 to the Franciscans for the Little Portion Friary
Robinson-Squier House purchased by Cash Cunningham.
Heath Sciences Charter School opens in the 1140 Ellicott Street orphanage building and gymnasium

Source: Nomination for Local Landmark Listing

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