Medaille College's President's Residence - Table of Contents

2011 photographs: Façade
Appleton House/Medaille College President's Residence

88 Lincoln Parkway, Buffalo, NY
Medaille College Official Website

Original owners:

Benjamin W. and Bessie C. Miller Appleton




Edgar Allen Poe Newcomb


Mediterranean Revival


Other Lincoln Parkway Homes
..... Buffalo Park and Parkway System

April 2011 photo
100 Lincoln Parkway

May 2011 photo
According to an Appleton family grandson, the house was a wedding present to Bessie C. Miller and her new husband,
Benjamin W. Appleton,  when  they married.

May 2011 photo

May 2011 photo

April 2011 photo


Eaves supported by brackets ..... Beed-and-reel molding

Facade details

Special thanks to Medaille College President Dr. Richard Jurasek for his cooperation
and to Dr. Barbara Jurasek for her assistance in 2011

Photos and their arrangement © 2011 Chuck LaChiusa
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