Edward Harvey House - Table of Contents

Exterior - Edward Harvey House
91 Jewett Parkway, Buffalo, NY


December 1898

Exterior style:

Eastern Stick

Interior style:

Transitional between Victorian and Arts & Crafts


Parkside Historic Distinct (National Register of Historic Places)

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Stick style is a vertical Victorian style

Stick style is defined primarily by decorative detailing

First story exterior is made of Roman brick

The diagonal board is a distinctive feature of Eastern Stick style

Note leaded glass windows

Tall chimney and wide vergeboard are features of Eastern Stick style

Half-timbering with clapboards instead of stucco on the second story is a distinctive feature of Eastern Stick style

Original 1898 Conserra terra cotta tiles on roof were made by the now defunct company in Alfred, NY

Original carriage house is built in the same style as the main house

Special thanks to current owners Candace Bell and Jonathan Rodwin for their assistance

Photos and their arrangement © 2005 Chuck LaChiusa
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