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Exterior - St. Margaret's RC Church
1395 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo, New York

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Mortimer J. Murphy
Gothic Revival
Patron saint choice:
"Fulfilled a wish of the late Bishop Colton to have a parish named after his deceased sister Margaret Bingham" - James Napora, History of St. Margaret's RC Church

First building:
1916 chapel
1919  - Replaced the 1916 chapel.
Became exclusively the school after the 1958 church was built.
School closed in 2012.
Rectory built:
Second church built:
School sold and converted into apartment building, The Cornelius:

"Cornelius" origin: 
Hertel Avenue, from Military Road to Main Street , was originally named after Cornelius Creek, which ran near the street.
See Early History - Hertel Avenue
2018 photos

Left: 1958 church   ...   Rectory   ...   The Cornelius apartments and retail

Left: 1958 church   ...   Rectory   ...   The Cornelius apartments and retail

1958 church  at left   ...   1924 Rectory at right

Gothic Revival style

Slate roof

Cross  finial   ...   Lancet windows   ...   Vertical pier buttresses

Compound arches   ...   Plank doors

2018 photos

1924 Rectory

1924 Rectory   ...   Cross bottony finial   ...   Blind arcade with trefoil arches   ...   Running bond brick pattern

Mary and Jesus statue

The first stigmatist was St. Francis of Assisi, who is depicted in the  Jozef Mazur stained glass window in the east transept
   ...   See also the Padre Pio Chapel in the church

2018 photos

Note belfry which is detailed below:


Former school - now apartments
"Since 1917, the building at the corner of Hertel and Saranac Avenues has been a North Buffalo landmark. In its early years, 1391 Hertel Avenue served as both a church and a school for the Roman Catholic parish of St. Margaret’s. In the 1950’s a new church was built, and from then until 2012, St. Margaret’s School educated generations of neighborhood children within its walls. Now the building is experiencing new life as the Cornelius, a 23-apartment residence in the heart of the Hertel Avenue commercial district. Cornelius Creek Road, from which the building takes its name, was an earlier name for Hertel Avenue." -  The Cornelius Apartments (online October 2018)


Photos and their arrangement 2018 Chuck LaChiusa
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