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Augustina Droze, artist

Augustina Droze  - Official Website

On Buffalo Architecture & History Website:

Augustina Droze is an artist based in Buffalo, NY. She works primarily as a public artist and muralist as well as a painter. Droze is familiar with large scale public art through her work in mural projects, mixed media installations and sculptures. With over 14 years of experience in the industry she has worked extensively with architects and designers nationwide during every phase of a project.

Augustina has worked with a variety of public art agencies including The Chicago Public Art Group, the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts, The Indianapolis Arts Council, Cleveland Public Art, numerous municipalities as well as large corporations including the Forbes Company. She also completed a large scale mixed media mural in Nagpur, India on the facade of a government complex.

Augustina's paintings can be seen in galleries and collections across the country. She currently has two large scale paintings on display at the Castellani Art Museum.

- Augustina Droze Official website (online July 2015)

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