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2014 photos
Interior photos - Otto and Rose Jekel House
39 Granger Place, Buffalo, NY

Second floor living room (first floor is a rented apartment)  ...
Long time owner and professional interior designer Thomas Palamuso, made substantial changes in this living room ...
Weight bearing column is anchored in the basement ...
Living room ceiling was removed and opened up to finished attic creating a "cathedral ceiling" (next photo below:)

Second floor living room ... Living room ceiling removed ... Large attic dormer provides an abundance of light

Living room opens into dining room

Additional light provided by generous size Queen Anne style  bay windows with wooden tracery

Wooden tracery

Josie lies next to the front stairs.

Second floor dining room

Behind dining room are bathroom, bedroom and kitchen ... At  right in photo is a window that features stained glass (shown below:)

Lead cames ... Opalescent stained glass

Dining room fireplace

Fireplace ornamental molding: egg-and-dart

Cast iron fireplace ...Glazed brick surround and hearth

Top row: shell flanked by  cornucopia ... Row of anthemions ... Row of  egg-and-dart ... Row of scrolling acanthus leaves

Cherry and maple circular staircase to attic constructed by Tom Palamuso over a 5 1/2 month period in the living room

 Cherry steps with maple supports ... Mortise and tenon construction - no nails

Exposed brick delineates the end of the first phase of the remodeling process. All work beyond this point was designed by both Carol and Tom.

Keepsakes: top ornament is a boss

Redesigned kitchen by Carol and Tom included substituting kitchen and pantry for a bedroom ... When the outdoor elevator is finished, entry from the raised driveway walkway will be into the kitchen.

Breakfast nook overlooks the backyard ... Photos below are of the finished attic.

View from the attic

Finished attic

Finished attic ...  Greenhouse on driveway side (south) of the house was designed by Tom years ago.

Finished attic ...  Carol Case Siracuse

Tom Palamuso

Special thanks to Carol Case Siracuse and Thomas Palamuso for their cooperation and assistance.

Photos and their arrangement 2014 Chuck LaChiusa
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