Charles W. Goodyear House - Table of Contents..

Dining room and Library - Charles W. Goodyear House
888 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, New York

2008 Photos

Dining room

At left:  great room

Triglyphs in the frieze                  Bound laurel leaves in cabinet surround

Marble fireplace features ancone supporting frieze

Two details below:

Stained glass window: C and S scolls ... Fruit and leaves

Brass festoons and bellflowers on 

Bound laurel leaves on china cabinet


  Triglyphs with guttae below in the frieze                     Festoon

Triglyphs with guttae below in the frieze                   Acanthus leaves


Stained glass window                        Four fleurs-de-lis

Stained glass window    

Stained glass window                        Four fleurs-de-lis

Special thanks to Oracle Charter School Founder Julie Jackson-Forsberg and Administrative Assistant Laura Chestnut for their cooperation in 2008
Photos and their arrangement 2008 Chuck LaChiusa
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