Norris Morey House / The Morey Apartment House
857 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo NY

C. 1880
H. Osgood Holland
Style: Colonial Revival
1880 - Norris Morey (1838-1920), attorney
1890 - George C. Beals
1900 -  Willis K. Morgan, treasurer of the D. E. Morgan & Son furniture store on main Street.
Morey Apartment House conversion:
C. 1900
2020 - Seven apartments.
Millionaires' Row: Delaware Avenue, between North Street and Bryant Avenue

107 Oakland Place   ...   Chuck LaChiusa, Oakland Place: Gracious Living in Buffalo, 2006, p. 90

Norris Morey
(1838-1920), a prominent attorney, developed the idea [for a 1909 apartment house on 107 Oakland Place] after his other  apartment house, at 857 Delaware Avenue, was positively received.  The Delaware Avenue building still stands, but its original semicircular porch no longer graces the front. It was described thus:
A charming little building on Delaware Avenue is the Morey, designed by H. Osgood Holland, who endeavored to disfigure the street as little as possible by giving his design the appearance of a residence as nearly as might be. Brickbuilder (Sept. 1902)         
Morey's interest [in 107 Oakland Place] extended beyond merely construction: when the building as completed, he occupied one of the apartments.

Norris Morey was a prominent citizen of the City of Buffalo.  He served as a cavalry officer in the Civil War and enjoyed a distinguished legal career, including a partnership with Henry W. Sprague  of 65 Oakland.  His public service included stints as assistant district attorney and assistant city attorney in the early 1870s.  In addition, he was nominated as the Republican candidate for mayor in 1882 and selected by President Benjamin Harrison to serve as solicitor general  of the United States; he declined both posts for business reasons. He died here at the age of 82, less than a month after retiring from his practice.
- Martin Wachadlo, Oakland Place: Gracious Living in Buffalo, 2006, p. 90

Died 1925
Source: Men of Buffalo, Chicago: A. N. Marquis & Co, 1902

2016 Photos

Colonial Revival    ...   Parapet at top of building

Flemish bond brick pattern   ...   Modillions   ...   Dentils

Dentil molding   ...   Brick voussoirs above window  ...   Gouged dentils surrounding window

Paneled lintels   ...  French doors   ...   Wrought iron  balconet

Panel above door features geometric stained glass

Paneled lintel   ...    Panel above door features geometric stained glass   ...   Flemish bond brick pattern

Original semicircular porch replaced   ...    Voussoirs above stained glass  transom window   ...   Side lights   ...   Paired sconces

Stained glass  transom window

Photos and their arrangement 2016 Chuck LaChiusa
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