Asbury Delaware Avenue Methodist Church / The Church - Table of Contents

Asbury Methodist Adaptive Reuse
339 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY

2005-2006 Photos courtesy of Righteous Babe Records

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North Tower renovation

Steeple renovation

Stair tower reconstruction

Basement "Before"

Basement reconstruction

Basement "After"

Asbury Hall "Before"

Asbury Hall reconstruction

Asbury Hall "After"

Asbury Hall

Gothic Revival windows:

Foliated finials

Foliated capital caps cast iron column

Window by Booth & Riester

Detail - Window by Booth & Riester

Note quatrefoil in spandrel at top of staircase

Preview Event

Wedding reception

Gallery space "Before"

Gallery space 

Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center

Righteous Babe Records offices 

Righteous Babe Records offices 

Photos 2006 Righteous Babe Records
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